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Union, Baker and Wallowa County Fire Departments and  Fire Districts, create  District 13 Fire Training Association.

District 13 is an organization made up of the agencies of our 3 counties.  All you need to be a member, is the drive to improve training for you,  your department and our area.   Our training association meets monthly on the last Thursday of the month at 7pm.

Meetings travel around the district to give everyone an opportunity to attend at least some of the meetings. We discuss recent training, training needs for the future, current events and classes, discuss recent fires, as well as general networking.
District 13 annually offers much of the training that departments need to stay current, for little cost.

Each year we host the Fall Fire school. Fire school usually includes classes on structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, EMS, Haz Mat etc. If you are interested in becoming active in the training district or have questions, please contact us.